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ipsec_in_ip_struct Struct Reference

Detailed Description

< IPsec in IP structure - used to access headers inside SA

Definition at line 98 of file sa.c.

Data Fields

ipsec_ip_header ip
union {
   ipsec_ah_header   ah
   ipsec_esp_header   esp
   ipsec_tcp_header   tcp
   ipsec_udp_header   udp

Field Documentation

ipsec_ah_header ipsec_in_ip_struct::ah

AH header

Definition at line 103 of file sa.c.

ipsec_esp_header ipsec_in_ip_struct::esp

ESP header

Definition at line 104 of file sa.c.

union { ... } ipsec_in_ip_struct::inner_header

ipsec_ip_header ipsec_in_ip_struct::ip

IPv4 header

Definition at line 100 of file sa.c.

ipsec_tcp_header ipsec_in_ip_struct::tcp

TCP header

Definition at line 105 of file sa.c.

ipsec_udp_header ipsec_in_ip_struct::udp

UDP header

Definition at line 106 of file sa.c.

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