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ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Data Fields

__u16 src
__u16 dest
__u32 seqno
__u32 ackno
__u16 offset_flags
__u16 wnd
__u16 chksum
__u16 urgp

Field Documentation

__u32 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::ackno

acknowledge number

Definition at line 121 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::chksum


Definition at line 124 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::dest

destination port number

Definition at line 119 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::offset_flags

offset /flags

Definition at line 122 of file types.h.

__u32 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::seqno

sequence number

Definition at line 120 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::src

source port number

Definition at line 118 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::urgp

urgent pointer

Definition at line 125 of file types.h.

__u16 ipsec_tcp_hdr_struct::wnd


Definition at line 123 of file types.h.

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