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ah_hdr_struct Struct Reference

#include <ah.h>

Data Fields

__u8 nexthdr
__u8 len
__u16 reserved
__u32 spi
__u32 sequence
__u8 ah_data [IPSEC_AUTH_ICV]

Field Documentation

__u8 ah_hdr_struct::ah_data[IPSEC_AUTH_ICV]

ICV (Integrity Check Value), variable-length data. 12 bytes (96 bits) for HMAC-SHA1-96 and HMAC-MD5-96

Definition at line 60 of file ah.h.

__u8 ah_hdr_struct::len

type of service

Definition at line 56 of file ah.h.

__u8 ah_hdr_struct::nexthdr

type of next payload (protocol nr)

Definition at line 55 of file ah.h.

__u16 ah_hdr_struct::reserved

MUST be 0x0000 (reserved for future use)

Definition at line 57 of file ah.h.

__u32 ah_hdr_struct::sequence

sequence number (increasing strictly), used by anti-replay feature

Definition at line 59 of file ah.h.

__u32 ah_hdr_struct::spi

Security Parameter Index (0, 1..255 are special cases RFC2402, p.4)

Definition at line 58 of file ah.h.

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