Vitis Drivers API Documentation
XDpTxSs Struct Reference

The DisplayPort TX Subsystem driver instance data. More...

Data Fields

XDpTxSs_Config Config
 Hardware Configuration. More...
u32 IsReady
 Core and the driver instance are initialized. More...
XDp * DpPtr
 DisplayPort sub-core instance. More...
 Maximum number of VTC sub-core instances. More...
XDpTxSs_UsrOpt UsrOpt
 User Options structure. More...
XDpTxSs_UsrHpdPulseData UsrHpdPulseData
 User HPD Pulse data. More...
XDpTxSs_UsrHpdEventData UsrHpdEventData
 User HPD Event data. More...

Detailed Description

The DisplayPort TX Subsystem driver instance data.

An instance must be allocated for each core in use.

Field Documentation

XDpTxSs_UsrHpdEventData XDpTxSs::UsrHpdEventData

User HPD Event data.

Referenced by XDpTxSs_HpdEventProcess().

XDpTxSs_UsrHpdPulseData XDpTxSs::UsrHpdPulseData

User HPD Pulse data.

Referenced by XDpTxSs_HpdPulseProcess().