Vitis Drivers API Documentation
XDpTxSs_UsrOpt Struct Reference

User input structure. More...

Data Fields

XVidC_VideoMode VmId
 Video Mode ID. More...
u8 Bpc
 Bits per color. More...
u8 MstSupport
 Multi-stream transport (MST) support. More...
u8 NumOfStreams
 The total number of MST streams. More...
u8 VtcAdjustBs
 Adjustment in Blanking symbol timing. More...

Detailed Description

User input structure.

Field Documentation

u8 XDpTxSs_UsrOpt::Bpc
u8 XDpTxSs_UsrOpt::NumOfStreams

The total number of MST streams.

Referenced by XDpTxSs_CfgInitialize(), and XDpTxSs_StartCustomMsa().

u8 XDpTxSs_UsrOpt::VtcAdjustBs

Adjustment in Blanking symbol timing.

Referenced by XDpTxSs_CfgInitialize(), XDpTxSs_VtcAdjustBSTimingDisable(), and XDpTxSs_VtcAdjustBSTimingEnable().