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sa_entry_struct Struct Reference

#include <sa.h>

Detailed Description

Holds all the values used by one SA entry

Definition at line 76 of file sa.h.

Data Fields

__u32 dest
__u32 dest_netaddr
__u32 spi
__u8 protocol
__u8 mode
__u32 sequence_number
__u8 replay_win
__u32 lifetime
__u16 path_mtu
__u8 enc_alg
__u8 enckey [IPSEC_MAX_ENCKEY_LEN]
__u8 auth_alg
__u8 authkey [IPSEC_MAX_AUTHKEY_LEN]
__u8 use_flag

Field Documentation

__u8 sa_entry_struct::auth_alg

authentication algorithm

Definition at line 92 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::authkey[IPSEC_MAX_AUTHKEY_LEN]

authentication key

Definition at line 93 of file sa.h.

__u32 sa_entry_struct::dest

IP destination address

Definition at line 79 of file sa.h.

__u32 sa_entry_struct::dest_netaddr

IP destination network mask

Definition at line 80 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::enc_alg

encryption algorithm

Definition at line 90 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::enckey[IPSEC_MAX_ENCKEY_LEN]

encryption key

Definition at line 91 of file sa.h.

__u32 sa_entry_struct::lifetime

lifetime of the SA (must be dropped if lifetime runs out)

Definition at line 87 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::mode

tunnel or transport mode

Definition at line 83 of file sa.h.

sad_entry* sa_entry_struct::next

pointer to the next SAD entry

Definition at line 94 of file sa.h.

__u16 sa_entry_struct::path_mtu

mean transmission unit

Definition at line 88 of file sa.h.

sad_entry* sa_entry_struct::prev

pointer to the previous SAD entry

Definition at line 95 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::protocol

IPsec protocol

Definition at line 82 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::replay_win

reply windows size

Definition at line 86 of file sa.h.

__u32 sa_entry_struct::sequence_number

the sequence number used to implement the anti-reply mechanism (RFC 2402, 3.3.2: initialize with 0)

Definition at line 85 of file sa.h.

__u32 sa_entry_struct::spi

Security Parameter Index

Definition at line 81 of file sa.h.

__u8 sa_entry_struct::use_flag

this flag defines if the SAD entry is still used or not

Definition at line 96 of file sa.h.

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