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Knit directory: MHWdetection/

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Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .Rhistory
    Ignored:    .Rproj.user/
    Ignored:    data/global/
    Ignored:    data/global_KS_cat.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_KS_clim.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_KS_event.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_dec_trend.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_effect_cat.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_effect_clim.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/global_effect_event.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/sst_ALL_clim_event_cat.Rdata
    Ignored:    data/sst_ALL_clim_event_cat_fix.Rdata
    Ignored:    poster/portrait_files/

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File Version Author Date Message
Rmd 31eb218 Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Minor update
html 74aff6b Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Build site.
html 36100c0 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Build site.
Rmd 0aac666 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Publish the menu files
html 43de03a robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Build site.
Rmd 27f7115 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Publish the initial files for myproject
html fa7fd57 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Build site.
Rmd 31cee23 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Start workflowr project.
html 1285d3a robwschlegel 2019-03-14 Last push before switching from pkgdown to workflowr for organising the research project
html 6076e2d Robert William Schlegel 2019-01-23 Rebuilt site to show large updates to language comparisons
html f077587 Robert William Schlegel 2018-09-13 Rebuilt site to reflect upversion to v0.0.3
html 63438f8 Robert William Schlegel 2018-09-05
  • Further editing to time_series_duration.Rmd
html 4f43d08 Robert William Schlegel 2018-05-29 Skeletons for methodology vignettes added
html 4fa74a7 Robert William Schlegel 2018-05-25 Regenerated site to reflect fixes in site structure
html 12d5e4b Robert William Schlegel 2018-05-24 FIrst main push


Welcome to the research website for the paper Detecting marine heatwaves with sub-optimal. This site contains all of the code used in the paper and is set up using the package workflowr to ensure openness and reproducibility standards.

Please click on the ‘Vignettes’ tab above to view particular aspects of the research explained in more detail. This includes all of the code that was used for each individual step.