I want to generate Equatable implementation

Template used to generate equality for all types that either conform to the AutoEquatable protocol or are annotated with AutoEquatable annotation, allowing us to avoid writing boilerplate code.

It adds :Equatable conformance to all types, except protocols (because it would require turning them into PAT’s). For protocols it’s just generating func ==.

Stencil template

Available variable annotations:

  • skipEquality allows you to skip variable from being compared.
  • arrayEquality mark this to use array comparsion for variables that have array of items that don’t implement Equatable but have == operator e.g. Protocols

Example output:

// MARK: - AdNodeViewModel AutoEquatable
extension AdNodeViewModel: Equatable {}

internal func == (lhs: AdNodeViewModel, rhs: AdNodeViewModel) -> Bool {
    guard lhs.remoteAdView == rhs.remoteAdView else { return false }
    guard lhs.hidesDisclaimer == rhs.hidesDisclaimer else { return false }
    guard lhs.type == rhs.type else { return false }
    guard lhs.height == rhs.height else { return false }

    guard lhs.attributedDisclaimer == rhs.attributedDisclaimer else { return false }

    return true