Vitis Drivers API Documentation
video_common Documentation

Contains common structures, definitions, macros, and utility functions that are typically used by video-related drivers and applications.

Ver   Who  Date     Changes

1.0 rc, 01/10/15 Initial release. als 2.0 als 08/14/15 Added new video timings. 2.2 als 02/01/16 Functions with pointer arguments that don't modify contents now const. Added ability to insert a custom video timing table: XVidC_RegisterCustomTimingModes XVidC_UnregisterCustomTimingMode yh Added 3D support. 3.0 aad 05/13/16 Added API to search for RB video modes. als 05/16/16 Added Y-only to color format enum. 3.1 rco 07/26/17 Moved timing table extern definition to xvidc.c Added video-in-memory color formats Updated XVidC_RegisterCustomTimingModes API signature 4.1 rco 11/23/17 Added new memory formats Added xil_printf include statement Added new API XVidC_GetVideoModeIdWBlanking Fix C++ warnings 4.2 jsr 07/22/17 Added new video modes, framerates, color formats for SDI New member AspectRatio is added to video stream structure Reordered XVidC_VideoMode enum variables and corrected the memory format enums aad 07/10/17 Add XVIDC_VM_3840x2160_60_P_RB video format vyc 10/04/17 Added new streaming alpha formats and new memory formats aad 09/05/17 Add XVIDC_VM_1366x768_60_P_RB resolution 4.3 eb 26/01/18 Added API XVidC_GetVideoModeIdExtensive jsr 02/22/18 Added XVIDC_CSF_YCBCR_420 color space format vyc 04/04/18 Added BGR8 memory format 4.5 jsr 07/03/18 Added XVIDC_VM_720x486_60_I video format 4.5 yas 03/08/19 Added support for frame rates 144HZ and 240HZ 4.6 mmo 02/14/19 Added 5k, 8k, 10k and Low Resolution with 200Hz, 240Hz 4.12 kp 15/07/21 Added new 3planar video formats and video timing modes kp 24/08/21 Added new video timing modes related to different VTotal