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HDMI RX Subsystem Sub-Cores initialization The functions in this file provides an abstraction from the initialization sequence for included sub-cores. Subsystem is assigned an address and range on the axi-lite interface. This address space is condensed where-in each sub-core is at a fixed offset from the subsystem base address. For processor to be able to access the sub-core this offset needs to be transalted into a absolute address within the subsystems addressable range

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.00 10/07/15 Initial release. 1.1 yh 20/01/16 Added remapper support 1.2 MG 20/01/16 Added HDCP support 1.3 MH 08/03/16 Added DDC read message not complete event to the function XV_HdmiRxSs_DdcHdcpCallback. Updated XV_HdmiRxSs_LinkErrorCallback function to set link error flag. 1.4 MH 23/04/16 Remove XV_HdmiRxSs_Reset from function XV_HdmiRxSs_SubcoreInitHdmiRx 1.5 MH 15/07/16 Added HDCP repeater support. 1.6 YH 18/07/16 Replace xil_print with xdbg_printf. 1.7 YH 25/07/16 Used UINTPTR instead of u32 for BaseAddr,HighAddr,Offset AbsAddr 1.8 MH 08/08/16 Updates to optimize out HDCP when excluded. 1.9 YH 14/11/16 Remove Remapper APIs as remapper feature is moved to video bridge and controlled by HDMI core 1.10 MMO 03/01/17 Remove XV_HdmiRxSs_ComputeSubcoreAbsAddr API, as it handles in the "_g" TCL generation Move XV_HdmiRx_DdcLoadEdid to xv_hdmirxss.h and call it in user application Add compiler option(XV_HDMIRXSS_LOG_ENABLE) to enable Log 3.2 MH 04/07/17 Fixed issue to prevent HDCP protocol switching when only one protocol is in the design. 5.2 YB 13/08/18 Added XV_HdmiRxSs_DdcHdcp14ProtocolEvtCallback() and XV_HdmiRxSs_DdcHdcp22ProtocolEvtCallback() functions.