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This is main header file of the Xilinx MIPI DSI Tx Subsystem driverMIPI DSI Tx Subsystem Overview

MIPI DSI Subsystem is collection of IP cores defines high speed serial interface between display peripheral and host processor. DSI Subsystem translate data received from a MIPI DSI Transmitter. The MIPI DSI Tx Subsystem is a plug-in solution for interfacing with MIPI DSI core. It hides all the complexities of programming the underlying cores from the end user.

Subsystem Features

MIPI DSI Tx Subsystem supports following features

  • Support for 1 to 4 Data Lanes.
  • Line rates ranging from 80 to 1500 Mbps.
  • Different data type support(RGB888,RGB566,RGB666L,RGB666P).
  • Filtering of packets based on Virtual channel ID.
  • Single,Dual,Quad input pixel per beat

Subsystem Configurations

The GUI in IPI allows for the following configurations

  • Lanes ( 1 to 4 )
  • Pixel Format ( (RGB888,RGB566,RGB666L,RGB666P).
  • Number of Input Pixels per beat(1, 2, 4)
  • DPHY with/without Register interface
  • Line Rate
  • CRC Generation Enable In order to reduce resource usage, the DPHY can be configured to be without register interface with fixed functions. Static configuration parameters are stored in xdsitxss_g.c file, that gets generated when compiling the board support package (BSP). A table is defined where each entry contains configuration information for the instances of the subsystem in the design. This information includes the elected configuration, sub-cores used and their device ID, base addresses of memory mapped devices and address range available for subsystem frame/field buffers.

The subsystem driver itself always includes the full software stack irrespective of the configuration selected. Generic API's are provided to interact with the subsystem and/or with the included sub -cores. At run-time the subsystem will query the static configuration and configures itself for supported use cases

Subsystem Driver Description

The subsystem driver provides an abstraction on top of the DSI and DPHY drivers.

Interrupt Service

The DSI TX subsytem supports 2 interrupts

  1. Unsupported Data Type
  2. Pixel Under flow error For Handling these interrupts, The users of this driver have to register this handler with the interrupt system and provide the callback functions by using XDSiTxSsSetCallback API

Virtual Memory

This driver supports Virtual Memory. The RTOS is responsible for calculating the correct device base address in Virtual Memory space.


This driver is not thread safe. Any needs for threads or thread mutual exclusion must be satisfied by the layer above this driver.


Asserts are used within all Xilinx drivers to enforce constraints on argument values. Asserts can be turned off on a system-wide basis by defining, at compile time, the NDEBUG identifier. By default, asserts are turned on and it is recommended that application developers leave asserts on during development.

Ver Who Date    Changes

1.0 ram 11/02/16 Initial Release for MIPI DSI TX subsystem 1.1 sss 08/17/16 Added 64 bit support sss 08/26/16 Add "Command Queue Vacancy" API API for getting pixel format ms 01/23/17 Modified xil_printf statement in main function for all examples to ensure that "Successfully ran" and "Failed" strings are available in all examples. This is a fix for CR-965028. ms 03/17/17 Added readme.txt file in examples folder for doxygen generation. ms 04/05/17 Added tabspace for return statements in functions of xdsitxss_intr_example.c for proper documentation while generating doxygen.