The Preface : Programing

Hello, my name is Spencer Wieczorek and I'm a Computer Science student at IUPUI. In this tutorial I will give you an introduction to programing, in this case we will be using JavaScript. I chose this language because it is easy to understand and very easy to setup and share with other people, all you need is a web browser. Here are some requirements/information about this tutorial:

  • Level: Beginner
  • Requirement: Knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The information in this tutorial is compacted, I may go into specific detail on somethings in this tutorial. If you are completely new to programing you may have to go back re-read things quite a few times. It's good to utilize other resources to get better/more information on things, here are a few good resources you can use:

  • JSFiddle - This is a great place to starting playing with JavaScript right away. It has a nice interface to! Here is an setup example: JSFiddle Example
  • Codeademy - A nice place to learn many programing languages, they have interactive tutorials. You can join groups and make your own tutorials as well.
  • W3Schools - Although not directly affiliated with W3, they still offer great web development resources that are basic and easy to learn.
  • Mozilla - Mozilla has more accurate and detailed tutorials on many web-related topics.

Programing is a tools for creativity and problem solving; it is the manifestations of your thoughts into elegant systems. You can do anything with it, and you can apply anything into programing: I personally like making games. Computer Science is the study and creation of procedural systems that solves a task (informational algorithms): as in we are interested in the process of the task that leads to the solution, not the solution itself. Computer Science is not about computers, but proccesses with information, in which exist both in computers and naturally in our physical world. While programing is the implementation and execution of these procedures, and is currently the greatest tools a computer scientist can use to implement. Becuases of this programing and computer science are related, but not the same.

Note: You can use the blue bar on the left-hand side of the screen to write javascript code: simply click it, write some code, then press "Run" to execute code. You can click the blue bar again to hide your code.
Spencer Wieczorek