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Provides a simple way to retrieve TV schedule data.

Basic concepts

SDK contains few public classes representing API entities:

  • Video (a piece of video material, could be movie or news issue etc.)
  • Broadcast (a piece of video at a particular time on a particular channel)

Broadcast always include video.

Entities are query builders encapsulating data retrieval functions, filtering, sorting and paging in order to provide simple API facade.

Usage examples


Always specify region before start.

LGI.Guide.config.region = 'NL';

Following regions are supported:

  • NL Netherlands
  • IE Ireland
  • HU Hungary

Basic example

Let's look at the most basic example - getting list of broadcasts for Netherlands without any filtering or sorting:

var broadcastsData = LGI.Guide.Video.create()


	{selfLink: Object},
	{selfLink: Object},
	{selfLink: Object},
	{selfLink: Object}

Probably you are wondered with result containing only _selfLink property. This happen because it is important to minimize response size by getting only data you really need.

Specifying fields to retrieve

Let`s specify fields to retrieve as following:

	.fields(LGI.Guide.Video.ID, LGI.Guide.Video.TITLE)


	{id: "7shi89fww", title: "Oorlogsverhalen (3)", selfLink: Object},
	{id: "3yaqesymo", title: "Millivres - Point of View", selfLink: Object},
	{id: "5jzc9n9c1", title: "Mahabharat", selfLink: Object},
	{id: "9l2i1y2sb", title: "Baggage Battles", selfLink: Object}

Much better! Now we have videos with IDs and titles.

Limiting response size

You can limit number of broadcasts or videos in response.

	.fields(LGI.Guide.Broadcast.ID, LGI.Guide.Broadcast.TITLE)

Paging and difference between findOne, findAll and findNext methods

API supports paging and three data retrieval methods are supported:

  • findOne - retrieves first page of data,
  • findNext - retrieves next page of data,
  • findAll - retrieves all data pages available for your request.

You can set particular page size by using limit().


Most advanced tool for specific data retrieval is filtering. In this example we will get only broadcasts with category equal to sports.



This will retrieve a page of broadcasts sorted by popularity:

	.fields(LGI.Guide.Broadcast.ID, LGI.Guide.Broadcast.TITLE)
    .sort(LGI.Guide.Broadcast.POPULARITY, 'desc')

Almost all fields are sortable.

Explore JSDoc for available fields lists and more information.

Bug tracker

Have a bug? Please create an issue on GitHub