🛠 gd-scripts 📦

CLI toolbox for common scripts for my projects, copied inspired from kcd-scripts.

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## Introduction This is a CLI that abstracts away all configuration for my open source projects for linting, testing, building, and more. ## Installation npm: ``` npm install --save-dev gd-scripts ``` yarn: ``` yarn add -D gd-scripts ``` ## Usage This is a CLI and exposes a bin called `gd-scripts`. I don't really plan on documenting or testing it super duper well because it's really specific to my needs. You'll find all available scripts in `src/scripts`. This project actually dogfoods itself. If you look in the `package.json`, you'll find scripts with `ts-node src {scriptName}`. This serves as an example of some of the things you can do with `gd-scripts`. ### Overriding Config Unlike `react-scripts`, `gd-scripts` allows you to specify your own configuration for things and have that plug directly into the way things work with `gd-scripts`. There are various ways that it works, but basically if you want to have your own config for something, just add the configuration and `gd-scripts` will use that instead of it's own internal config. In addition, `gd-scripts` exposes its configuration so you can use it and override only the parts of the config you need to. This can be a very helpful way to make editor integration work for tools like ESLint which require project-based ESLint configuration to be present to work. So, if we were to do this for ESLint, you could create an `.eslintrc.js` with the contents of: ``` module.exports = require("gd-scripts/eslint") ``` > Note: `gd-scripts` intentionally does not merge things for you when you start > configuring things to make it less magical and more straightforward. Extending > can take place on your terms. I think this is actually a great way to do this. ## Inspiration This is inspired by `kcd-scripts`, which is heavy inspired by `react-scripts`. 🤷 ## LICENSE MIT