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```sh npx create-react-native-app ``` Once you're up and running with Create React Native App, visit [this tutorial]( for more information on building mobile apps with React.

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## Features - Native project ready to be built on to your device. - Support for unimodules and auto-linking. - OTA updates, and Gestures out of the box. - Full support for React Native web. - Plug-n-play custom templates. - Works with the Expo Client app. ## Usage - `npx create-react-native-app` Create a new native React app. - `yarn ios` -- (`expo run:ios`) Build the iOS App (requires a MacOS computer). - `yarn android` -- (`expo run:android`) Build the Android App. - `yarn web` -- (`expo start:web`) Run the website in your browser. ### Templates By default you create a [bare-workflow React]( project with support for iOS, Android, and web. You can opt to use an example project instead by selecting the "Templates from ..." option. Custom templates can be used with `--template ` option. - Use an [example]( `npx create-react-native-app -t with-typescript` - Use a custom template: `npx create-react-native-app --template` -- Only works with GitHub repos on the master branch. - All examples can be modified in the [expo/examples]( repo. ## Sections - [Usage with Expo Client App](#usage-with-expo-client-app) - [Support and Contact](#support-and-contact) - [FAQs](#faqs) - [Contributing](#contributing) ## Usage with Expo Client App Expo Client enables you to work with all of the [Components and APIs]( in `react-native`, as well as the [JavaScript APIs]( that the are bundled with the Expo App. Expo Client supports running any project that doesn't have custom native modules added. - Download the "Expo Client" app from the Play Store or App Store. - Start your project with Expo - Install the CLI `npm i -g expo-cli` - Start the project `expo start` - Open the project: - Sign in to expo and the project will appear in the app. - Or point your phone's camera at the QR code in the terminal (press "c" to view it). ## Support and Contact If you're having issues with Create React Native App, please make sure: - The issue is not covered in the [Expo Docs]( - There is not already an [open issue]( for your particular problem If you've checked the documentation and currently open issues, please either [open a new GitHub issue]( or ask a question on [Expo forums]( ## Contributing Please see [Contributing guide]( in the Expo CLI monorepo for instructions on contributing to Expo CLI. ### Attribution The examples feature was inspired by the `templates` system of [create-next-app]( by the [Vercel]( team. ## Related CRNA is focused on being the fastest way to bootstrap a React Native app without worrying about the native platforms or bundlers required for developing and shipping apps. Other tools provide both an init script (which is slower) and a suite of other tools that can be used for interacting with the project. CRNA is meant to be used with any of the following tools: - [Expo CLI]( by [Expo team]( - [Ignite CLI]( by [Infinite Red]( - [React Native Community CLI]( by members of [the React Native community]( ## Contributors ✨ [![All Contributors](](#contributors-) Thanks goes to these wonderful people ([emoji key](

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