Title of my presentation

And a subtitle

Firstname Lastname
Other info to put on the author line

Intro slide

Here is a list that should build:

  • I like formulas, like this one $e=mc^2$
  • It's rendered using MathJax. You can change the settings by editing base.html if you like
  • pressing 'f' toggle fullscreen
  • pressing 'w' toggles widescreen
  • 'o' toggles overview mode

Slide with a figure

Subtitles are cool too

  • Some point to make about about this figure from wikipedia
  • This slide has a class that was defined in theme/css/custom.css
Always cite your sources!

Segue slide

I can haz subtitlz?

Maybe some code?

press 'h' to highlight an important section (that is highlighted with <b>...</b> tags)

function isSmall() {
  return window.matchMedia("(min-device-width: ???)").matches;

function hasTouch() {
  return Modernizr.touch;

function detectFormFactor() {
  var device = DESKTOP;
  if (hasTouch()) {
    device = isSmall() ? PHONE : TABLET;
  return device;

Thanks everyone!

And especially these people:

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