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Not sure how many cores/cogs or EEPROM a given library uses? Check the Simple Library Core and EEPROM Usage page.


simpletools.h - Tools that simplify I/O, timing, memory, and communication with the Propeller microcontroller.

colormath.h - Tools for working with and converting colors and their components, represented as integers.

stacktest.h - Tools for testing the number of stack variables functions running in another cores use.

Text Devices

simpletext.h - Tools for communicating with devices that transmit and/or receive characters and text strings. Includes half duplex serial drivers for Simple Terminal and other serial devices. Supports all device libraries in the Text Devices folder with stdio-like functions that feature smaller program size footprints.

serial.h - Functions for connecting to half duplex serial devices, for use with libsimpletext.

fdserial.h - Functions for connecting to full duplex serial devices, for use with libsimpletext.


sound.h - Functions for generating audio and musical notes. Mix up to three waveforms, with sine, square, triangle, saw, and noise options.

text2speech.h - Functions for pronouncing words spelled out phonemically.

wavplayer.h - Plays 16-bit, 32 ksps, mono .wav files (Propeller Activity Board/Propeller BOE).


abvolts.h - Test library for setting and measuring voltages with the Propeller Activity Board's D/A and A/D sockets

adcACpropab.h - Propeller Activity Board A/D conversion for signal measurements

adcDCpropab.h - Propeller Activity Board A/D conversion for voltage measurements

dacctr.h - Propeller Activity Board D/A for setting voltages

dac2ch.h - Up to 2 Channels per cog of D/A signals. Supports multiple cogs.

pwm2ch.h - Up to 2 Channels per cog of PWM signals. Supports multiple cogs.


il3820.h - Functions for the 296 x 128 2.9 inch ePaper Display.

lcdParallel.h - Functions for most Character LCDs using its parallel pins.

oledc.h - Functions for the 96 x 64 Color oLED Display Module.

ssd1331.h - Functions for the Color OLED Display Module, 96 x 64.

simplegfx.h - This library contains shape, text, and bitmap drawing functions that can be called by applications that use the 296 x 128 2.9 inch ePaper (il3820.h) or RGB OLED Display, 96 x 64 (ssd1331.h).

vgatext.h - Display text with a VGA Monitor.


ws2812.h - Driver for WS2812 and WS2812B RGB LEDs.


mstimer.h - Tracks milliseconds elapsed in another cog.


wifi.h - Parallax WX ESP8266 WiFi Module library.


servo360.h - Parallax Feedback 360 High Speed Servo control, monitoring, and settings.

servo.h - Servo control library, up to 14 servos with 1 core.

servoAux.h - Up to 14 more servos with 1 more core.

servodiffdrive.h - Convenience functions for robot control with differential drive servos

DC Motors - See ...Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Examples/Devices/Motor/DC.

Propeller GCC

propeller.h - Functions and registers specific to the Propeller microcontroller.

cog.h - Functions and registers specific to the Propeller microcontroller.


simpletools.h - Look for I2C and SPI protocol sections in the Functions list.

serial.h & fdserial.h - For half and full duplex serial communication.
simpletext.h Tools for transferring formatted text over serial and other connections.

simplei2c.h - Contians I2C building blocks that the simpletools library's i2c_out and i2c_in functions use. Great for making custom I2C functions and libraries.

i2cslave.h - Functions for creating one or more I2C slave devices, one per propeller processor (cog).


sirc.h - For receiving and interpreting messages from a SONY Infrared Remote Control.


abdrive360.h - Tools for ActivityBot 360 navigation with Feedback 360 servos.

abcalibrate360.h - Self-calibration functions for the ActivityBot 360.

abdrive.h - Tools for ActivityBot navigation with encoders + servos.

abcalibrate.h - Self-calibration functions for the ActivityBot.


bme680.h - Sensor driver for the Bosch BME680 air quality sensor.

colorpal.h - For red/green/blue measurements with the ColorPAL.

compass3d.h - For measurements with the 3-axis HMC5883L compass.

dht22.h - For measurements with the DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor.

fingerprint.h - For reading the WaveShare fingerprint scanner module. Search for ID 29126 at parallax.com.

gps.h - For measuring global position with an NMEA GPS module.

lis3dh.h - For measuring 3D acceleration, with the LIS3DH.

lsm9ds1.h - For measuring 3D accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer with the LSM9DS1.

mx2125.h - For measurements with the 2-axis mx2125 accelerometer.

mma7455.h - For measuring tilt/acceleration with a Parallax MMA7455 3-Axis Accelerometer Module.

ping.h - For measurements with the Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

rfidser.h - For measurements with the RFID Card Reader - Serial.

soundimpact.h - For measurements with the Sound Impact Sensor.


badgetools.h - Functions for all Parallax Hackable Electronic Badge components, including: 128 x 64 oLED display, 3-axis accelerometer, two-way infrared communication, tri-color LEDs, passive touch buttons, touch button LEDs, audio out, and battery.
badgewxtools.h - Functions for all Parallax WX Hackable Electronic Badge This is a version of hackable badge that has WX Wi-Fi functionality.


datetime.h - Functions for tracking date and time.

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