Omar Laurino - Iris 2.1 beta - June 17, 2015 - Sesto

Iris 2.1 beta

Omar Laurino

Jamie Budynkiewicz

June 17, 2015

Released Iris v2.1 beta in May

  • transitioned from VAO to SAO support last October
  • plan to transition from beta in Sept to give time for feedback from the community
  • New developer started this week that will work on Iris upgrades

What is new in 2.1

  • It is now possible to integrate under fitted model components
  • Template models can now be combined with regular models
  • SEDs can be statistically combined
  • Iris has been repackaged


  • Iris is now available through the conda package manager
  • Java GUI ⇄ SAMP ⇄ Python backends:
  • Sherpa and SedStacker are available on GitHub as standalone packages

Future: Short List

  • More resources available through ASDC plug-in
  • Support Spectral DM 2.0
  • Document standalone Python API

Future: Long Term

  • Replace the visualizer:
    • Specview4Iris cannot be maintained
    • Support high resolution spectra
  • Support Cube DM

A KDD science case

Courtesy of Raffaele D'Abrusco