Nextflow workflow report


Workflow execution completed successfully!
Run times
Fri Nov 03 19:24:02 CET 2017 - Fri Nov 03 21:48:13 CET 2017 (duration: 2h 24m 12s)
Nextflow command
./nextflow-0.26.0-all run -profile crg-cluster -with-report -with-trace -bg --max_samples 38
Launch directory
Work directory
Project directory
Script path
Script name
Script hash
Workflow container
Workflow profile
Nextflow version
version 0.26.0, build 4710 (03-11-2017 18:14 UTC)
Session ID

Resource Usage

These plots give an overview of the distribution of resource usage for each process.

CPU Usage

Memory Usage

Job Duration

Disk Read / Write

Number of bytes directly read from disk added to the number of bytes the process originally dirtied in the page-cache for each process.


This table shows information about each task in the workflow. Use the search box on the right to filter rows for specific values. Clicking headers will sort the table by that value and scrolling side to side will reveal more columns.

task_id process tag status hash allocated cpus %cpu allocated memory (bytes) %mem vmem rss peak_vmem peak_rss allocated time (mins) duration (mins) realtime (mins) script exit submit start complete rchar wchar syscr syscw read_bytes write_bytes native_id name module container disk attempt scratch workdir