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tweetr is a platform that allows you to create and queue tweets to be shared when YOU want. You create content when you have time and then use FOSS and NOT pay whatever-ridiculous amount of $$$ for posting them automatically.

IOW it's self-hosted automatic tweet posting software.

Library doc

This library is used by tweetr itself for all its function and is therefore contains all necessary functions.

Data flow

See documentation for ops::* submodules as each one has a distinct data flow.

Executable doc

Exit values and possible errors:

1 - a file would need to be overriden, but was not allowed to
2 - required data or file needs to be created by running the specified filesysstem
3 - an error was returned by the Twitter API
4 - failed to parse the specified file

Executable manpage

All manpages



Main functions doing actual work.


This module contains the configuration of the application.


Module containing various utility functions.



Enum representing all possible values the application can fail.