Vitis Drivers API Documentation
xvprocss_router.h File Reference


int XVprocSs_BuildRoutingTable (XVprocSs *XVprocSsPtr)
 This function examines the subsystem Input/Output Stream configuration and builds a routing table for the supported use-case. More...
void XVprocSs_ProgRouterMux (XVprocSs *XVprocSsPtr)
 This function traverses the computed routing table and sets up the AXIS switch registers, to route the stream through processing cores, in the order defined in the routing map. More...
void XVprocSs_SetupRouterDataFlow (XVprocSs *XVprocSsPtr)
 This function traverses the routing map built earlier and configures each sub-core in the processing path per its location in the chain. More...