Vitis Drivers API Documentation

You can refer to the below stated example applications for more details on how to use v_gamma_lut driver.


Contains an example on how to use the XV_gamma_lut driver directly. This example demonstrates the usage of Gamma LUT IP.

For details, see main.c.


Contains a tcl file which automates the process of generating the downloadable bit & elf files from the provided example xsa file.

Example application design source files (contained within "examples" folder) are tightly coupled with the v_gamma_lut example design available in Vivado Catalogue. To run this tcl

  1. Copy the exported example design xsa file in the "examples" directory of the driver
  2. Launch the xsct terminal
  3. cd into the examples directory
  4. source the tcl file
    xsct%>source vgamma_lut_example.tcl
  5. execute the script
    xsct%>vgamma_lut_example <xsa_file_name.xsa>

Script will perform following operations

  1. Create workspace
  2. Create HW project
  3. Create BSP
  4. Create Application Project
  5. Build BSP and Application Project

After the process is complete required files will be available in

  bit file -> vgamma_lut_example.sdk/vgamma_lut_example_hw_platform folder
  elf file -> vgamma_lut_example.sdk/vgamma_lut_example_design/{Debug/Release} folder

When executed on the board the example application will perform following operations

  1. Program Video Clock Generator to 1080p@60Hz
  2. Program Gamma LUT to 1080p@60Hz
  3. Check for Video Lock and report the status (PASS/FAIL)on UART
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for 4KP@30Hz and 4KP@60Hz
Serial terminal baud rate should be set to 115200

For details, see vgamma_lut_example.tcl.