Enter your secret passphrase.
ALWAYS use a passphrase with at least 30 random characters, or a string of random words at least 30 characters in length.

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New accounts must announce their existence to the network.
Either send an outgoing transaction OR have someone include your public key in a transaction.

We highly recommend that you print this paperwallet. Store it in a safe place. If you lose your passphrase you can NOT recover it.

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Store your passphrase in a safe place - make sure you NEVER lose it!

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Create Token ?

Tokens can be used to prove ownership of Ardor and Ardor child chain accounts
1. Enter your passphrase
2. Enter the text you want to sign
3. Click ‘SIGN’
4. Copy the token and paste it anywhere to display confirmed ownership of your accounts

A new token is generated every time you click SIGN. All generated tokens are valid.
Tokens can be validated using any node, like or No one can decrypt your passphrase from the token.

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Create QR ?

Use this to generate a QR code for any account.

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How to make transactions from cold storage (offline) accounts
1. Login and initiate a transaction on
2. Click ‘Advanced’ → ‘Do Not Broadcast’ → ‘Do Not Sign’ → ‘SUBMIT’
3. Copy the ‘Unsigned Transaction Bytes’ into a text document, save on USB
4. Open SIGBRO OFFLINE on an offline device, insert the USB key
5. Enter your passphrase into the form field below
6. Paste the Unsigned Transaction Bytes from USB into the form field below
7. Click ‘CHECK’. You will now see your transaction details below the form field - verify them
8. Once verified → Click ’SIGN’
9. Save your signed transaction bytes on the USB key
10. On your ONLINE device, insert USB and get the `Signed Transaction Bytes’
11. Paste them into a broadcasting service like and click ‘BROADCAST’

Your passphrase:
Unsigned Transaction Bytes:


Signed Transaction Bytes: