MC Media Center by mcosmin - Privacy Policy

Using any of the Mc Media Center apps means you will agree to the privacy policy bellow. If you do not agree to it, you should stop using the applications.

Parties involved

Personal information gathered

All Mc Media Center apps WILL NEVER gather any personal information about its users. The other parties involved may collect user data. Consult their privacy policies for more information.


mcosmin may respond to your reviews on the Windows Store from the email address I may require additional information on what you were doing when the application encountered a problem or what additional features you may want implemented in the app. Any personal information that could be extracted from email exchanges, including files, names, physical addresses will NOT be used by me in any way. Weather you want to contact me back is up to you.

Proximity & network


Applications can interact with NFC tags for automatization. This may happen silently, depending on OS settings

Network interactions

The application can detect other applications running on devices connected to the same wifi network via IP addresses. Users can opt out of network discovery from settings. I will not collect any information about the discovered devices. Devices running the application can send files between each other. Users can always opt out of file transfers completely or filter out files one by one. The application will store a local log of all files transfered and the remote end point. This log is for security purposes of the user and is NEVER uploaded to me in any way. Once the app is uninstalled, the log is gone. The application downloads Bing image of the day every day. This service is needed for the good function of some application features.

File access

The application needs access to your music, pictures and videos files in order to work properly. No information is sent over to third parties, except calculated hashes for video subtitle detection (there is no way to link a specific video file to a specific user). The application may save files to your disk in the following cases:

Other parties involved

I am in no way responsible for what any of the other parties involved may do with information they gather. All other parties involved in this contract (such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Bing etc) have their own privacy policy. The application can interact with other applications through file picker contracts. Other apps may log or track what files you have been opening.