January 14, 2016

About Me

  • Business Intelligence Analyst at Barracuda Networks

  • Data Engineering Consultant at UM-SSW's DataLab

  • Math Bachelor's from Michigan Tech

  • From the Ann Arbor area

Why Make a Styleguide?

  • Consistent style is important!

  • There's only two that are easy to find: Google's and Hadley's

  • I think we can take the best of each, and do better

  • This started first as an internal Barracuda styleguide, then a styleguide for the DataLab

  • Github Link

Some Noteworthy Decisions

  • Don't use periods in variable names!

  • Function doc comments - kind of like Roxygen, but for non-package code

  • Some important things I do not count as "style", e.g. library vs. require
  • A "Best Practices" document may be appropriate for such suggestions

What's Next?

  • Continue cleaning up and making small improvements

  • Make a blog post explaining choices (R Bloggers?)

  • Help me! Talk on Slack, File GH Issues and Pull Request improvements of your own